Blessing to others - Beautiful Sunday

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This is my entry to the Beautiful Sunday initiated by @ace108.

Before the day ends I would like to share the blessing that I was able to share.


Most of you probably do not know what this is. But if you are a Filipino, you definitely know what ending is.

This is a kind of raffle where the winner gets the 70% of the pot and the coordinator gets the rest.

Bettors are to choose a 2-digit number combination from 0-0 to 9-9. The winning combination is identified based on the scores of the teams playing in a basketball game. The first digit will be the last digit of the winning team's score and the second digit is the loser's. That's why it is called ENDING.

This makes the watching more intense. Sometimes you'll hear people shouting because they almost won the Ending.

Today the winning combination is 8-9. And the winner is a first time bettor. Not only on my raffle but it was her first time ever...



The winner is Mariciel Riel (Facebook name). She was really hoping for this one because of their needs. She gambled her money for a chance of winning an amount of money. I did not know that she was stalking my posts about the game. Then the time she have enough money and amount of courage she commented on my post but deleted because she would want to hide it from her husband. Safety first. Haha


Translation: "Big brother are there still some available slots 09 71 89? I deleted my comment. My husband might see it."

When the game started, like most of the Filipinos, she posted a wish/prayer to our Lord.


Translation (2 Fb posts):
"God is really good. I just posted a while ago and in an instant... Thank you very much

"G!!! Just now please.

She was very thankful to God. And I also felt how thankful she was to me when I handed her the prize - 14,000 Pesos!!!

It was a great feeling that you were able to help and earn at the same time.

By the way, she gave me 1000 Pesos as Goodwill.

Below are the mechanics of Ending
Bet:200 Pesos
Prize: 14,000 Pesos
4th quarter only. Overtime scores not counted.

Cool right?!?!

Thanks for reading!!!


You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

Sometimes you'll hear people shouting because thet almost won the Ending.
It should be they instead of thet.

Thank you. :)

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Very good post is written, I got a new information, I am very happy with this experience.

ah... I didn't you guys are bit into gambling too.

Filipinos love to gamble. Not everyone but I can say most Filipinos I know does.

Then you guys have been missing out of my Show 3D series. This is the latest one which close wednesday night.

Woahhhh... This is close to Ending...

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