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RE: Forecasting a Beautiful Sunday

in #beautifulsunday2 years ago

It is always so depressing when a wonderfully long holiday ends - but like you say... you always come back feeling so replenished!!! and besides... we are all happy to have you back!! Have missed your bubbly presence xxx


Oh, I lied! I want to go back! ;)

It is nice to be almost back and as I make my way home (it was one of those trips that start in New York City and ends in Miami, so far away they have different weather zones. But, it was an amazing way to do it and I got so much more out of my holiday doing that.

It warms my heart to hear that I was missed, if only a little bit. xoxo


Oh, I lied! I want to go back! ;)

Hahaha I don't blame you!

And yes, you were! More than a little! Takes a lot to replace such a bubbly personality my dear xxxxx Enjoy the last leg of it all!

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