Beautiful words and
Flowers as usual! You
Never let us down

                 - dmcamera

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh!!! It's a bot! :)

Thank you so much for always leaving such a kind reply! It is always appreciated and as usual I wish you a most wonderful week ahead! Maybe I'll have luck as the hard Fork arrives to say hello. Good luck to us all!


Thank you for the tip! I have not paid much attention to the state of Steem I just know that I lost my small fortune. Lol! Not sure what the Hard Fork will do, but will keep an eye open. Good luck!

I am confident all will be well. Let's keep those fingers crossed, yes!

I had a down day, I guess. I’ll likely think differently on another day. I am questioning how I post though.

The same. Nothing will change in that way.

Not sure if I will post in the same way. I thought I wanted to make travel posts. Goodness knowsI have enough material. My images are taking too long to edit for long posts, though. I’m a photographer first. I think I will be posting fewer images per post in the future. At least after I finish my series on French Polynesia, anyway. I’ll be writing those regardless of whether I post them or not. 🤣

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