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A country drive always provides me with ample stops for photos. It's surprising how much more observant I become when I have a camera in my hand.

We stopped by this house to grab a shot of the old farm equipment planted in a garden. A very large dog, a hundred or so feet away, came out of the neighbouring laneway. He stood in the middle of the road and watched with his hackles up. I decided not to chance trying to photograph him because I would be more of a threat to him had I moved from where I was standing beside the SUV.

As we drove by, the dog moved to the side of the road staring us down. I was on the passenger side so I couldn't do a drive by shot. You'll have to use your imagination - he was big and so were his hackles. He definitely was on guard.

A cemetery restoration has been underway since 1986. A very slow process. These graves mark the earliest settlers in Milton, then known as Martin's Mills.

Many headstones are hidden in the brush and some are so broken they sit in a pile waiting to be moved to the new location. Below is the signage marking the old cemetery that still holds headstones.

I wonder if this stone marks the grave of a pioneer. A town, named Campbellville, is shown on a sign beside the railway tracks along the cemetery.,

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm-200mm
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thank you @ace108 for
initiating the #BeautifulSunday photo challenge.


Awesome photos!

Thanks @drewley. Glad you like them.

A quite place. I wonder who the dog belongs to.

I am not sure exactly whose dog it was. I thot at first it may have been a coyote but a further look proved me wrong. I think the dog believed he was in charge of the whole road and neighborhood. He even walked across the street and lay on the grass near a ditch - probably to guard his mailbox - dogs don't like mailmen. lol

Yes, they like fire engine and fire hydrant. :-)

yes, yes they do 🐕💦

Very nice photos, Deb! It's nice to know they're doing some restoration for the cemetery. The first two photos are my favorite, though. Old farm equipment is fascinating and very photogenic :-)

Thanks Mark. Glad you liked them. I got a ton of photos on this drive. So I'll have some themes going this week.

The cemetery sign made me laugh at first. It reminded me of when I was in Freeport years ago and we went on a tour to see a typical native village. When we arrived there was a sign strung across the road - what did it say you ask? Typical Native Village!! lol.

So it kind of reminded me of that time. Pioneer Cemetery.

I love the old farm equipment too. It was a tough day to take photos bc it was so hazy from the humidity. Everything seemed washed out and I had to really tweak the lighting in Lightroom. Should my camera settings have been different? ISO 200 for both and the first photo f/7.1 | 1/250s and the second f/5.6 | 1/80s. I had my telephoto lens that day so I could shoot from the car or road.

Love those many photo ops in the country. Nice work as usual. Just be sure to do a tick check!!

Ack!!! I did!! So paranoid now, I don't even want to garden. I told the Mr that we should get beige or white Talk about looking a little eccentric old ppl. :)

beautiful colour photos the local colour :)

The colors were beautiful on the drive, in person too. Thank you.

It is amazing how observant we become with a camera in hand.

You got some lovely photos and made a smart move avoiding that dog lol

Why thank you so much @molometer. I was just reminded by someone else to check for ticks after my country day. Ick!

Beautiful day in southern Ontario for a Sunday drive. I love your drive today Deb Wonderful shots! Thank You for sharing!

Aw, thanks Dave. These areas you might know....we just drive and end up where we end up. But we passed Carlisle, Kilbride and ended up on the edge of Milton somehow. The Concessions always are the best places to drive.

I have never been up that way in a while. I have to get my butt back on the roads of Ontario again. There are so many neat adventures to discover.Dad and I use to go to the Milton fairgrounds to auctions years back.

You and I have been doing similar things this weekend. Looks like you also live in a historical area.

Beautiful photos, and I'm glad you weren't attacked by a dog to get them :)

Yes! me too....I was tempted bc I think I am the dog whisperer. But when I saw the hackles I gave the dog some respect :)

I do live in an historical area, not like yours though. Mine has newer history but it's still interesting.

editing software is adobe ?? and camera name is

both are listed after my name :)

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Enjoyed your post @countrygirl!

I actually do these as a hobby :-) and I love LOVE to travel ALOT!

This is the first post I read from you and I look forward for more.



Cemetery Photos! I miss going on Sunday drives. Looks like you had a good one, even with the big dog.

A bit late, but let me say that all the green and lush of your Sunday made me feel relaxed and fresh! I miss the green, now in ET is the dry season and nature is yellow or brown!

I'm late getting back to you....I let my replies get backed up. Dry yellow and brown is kind of depressing. I hope the sky is still blue!

It is! And you are not late at all, I'm so late most of the times too! We all have busy lives, I guess! Thanks, sweetie!