Beautiful Sunday: Howick Falls

The Howick Falls is one of the most notorious falls, situated just outside Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. We were able to enjoy this mystifying water fall at 7 am in the morning on our way to the coast for holiday. It is said that the falls has been much the same over the past 30 000 years.


With every trip to the coast my mom will ask us if we would mind taking a detour to the Howick falls but we are always over excited to either dip our toes in the ocean or going back home to see our friends and she will always get a simultaneous “No” from all of us.


This holiday she finally got to see her beloved falls because we had to pick up my brother’s girlfriend at Howick. My mom was over the moon and so was I. It is absolutely beautiful with its lash green trees, the rock formation and the long 95 meters drop into the Umgeni river. The expression on her face while she was soaking up the beauty around her was priceless. She took pictures of nearly everything and was like a kid in the candy shop, wanting to take one more shot, to our dismay as we were looking forward getting to the beach and it was still a two hour drive away.


Unfortunately it was early in the morning a bit misty and overcast. I can only imagine how breathtaking it must be in full sunlight. I borrowed my moms Samsung S7 phone to take these photos. The second one was taken with the panorama setting. There is nothing more healing and uplifting than being in nature in the early morning.

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That’s a stunning looking waterfall thanks for sharing. Cheers mike

Beautiful view of nature you captured . I just going to say you did well photography . best job , Keep it up ., Your photo will go boom. You have it . thanks for sharing . Am going to follow you

Out of this world post! I really enjoyed it and the amazing photos! So many magical places in the world! Water-falls are so very priceless! Thank you so very much for sharing! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! :)

Hello @cherryblossom-sa One of the best places on Earth as I see. Very nice photos. Hope to see this by myself in future. Best from Serbia. :D

Wow, that is a breathtaking photo of the falls!

Wow.... Marvellous view of nature..... Wish I can visit..... A future agenda..... Lovely

What a peaceful looking place I would love to meditate there! Thank you for your own personal history with the falls as well.

great view, the natural beauty place.
photography is awesome.

Great natural view

Soth africa nice place nice people.

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this is beauty. spectacular view.

God.. I am amazed by your pictures.. I saved the first picture your shared to make it my wall paper for my tablet.. I didn't know there is such a place there..

happy today for you!

wow one the best fall i've ever seen even just a photography:D

This really looks like a cool beautiful place for a #beautifulsunday.

I understand, the beauty of these falls is fascinating. The photos show a spectacular view, I like nature and when I see photos like these, they inspire me to want to know many places that I do not know yet. Regards @cherryblossom-sa

Wow, it seems you had lots of fun