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Congrats on the new car! We are seriously considering an electric (or Hybrid) for our next car. Most of our driving is in city (Europe), so range is not such a critical thing... plus the recharging infrastructure is okay here as well....


All Electric is feasible here, especially where I live, the recharging infrastructure is alive and well. The hybrid actually works better here for an all-around car because everything is much further if you go out of the city. When I lived in Europe oh, I couldn't believe how close everything was he said it was nothing to go through three or four countries in a day. I just trade it in 1 hybrid for another and the mileage is amazing on them and I like the system that takes over once you have powered up enough. So for my purposes, the hybrid is good however if I did live in Europe I would consider an electric also. Better for the environment in so many ways.

I I want to thank you for stopping in and saying hello and leaving your coming behind. As always I wish you a most wonderful week.


We are also considering a full electic, but I have sometimes some longer trips late at night when I think I would just be a little worried about having enough range! Maybe a hybrid would be a better way of easing into it!

If I get another, it will be full electric for around town, but, I believe until the range gets further, it will be a hybrid parked in my garage. I love the electric and if things were different, then that is the way I would go. Everyone I know that has one loves it.

Good luck! But, yeah, hybrid is the best way to ease into it! And the milage is great!!

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