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RE: The Need for a Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful pictures and words from you today. I always love a Sunday. We have a church full of friends that meets here at our house. And we occasionally get something done. Today we had a short power outage, but it came back on within an hour. That's a good day! LOL


Thank you so much! I always love Sunday too and the first thing my family always says is we go Church, and have fellowship with those around us. It's always a very warm experience and feels like we start off our day and week the right way.

I am sorry to hear about the power outage but grateful that it came back in a short time. I know that there are so many places in the world with rolling blackouts that I feel fortunate, for the moment oh, that we are not experiencing those things. However we know how fleeting good luck and be in that department. I am glad you consider it a good day and I wish you well as you start into the new week.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hello, leaving your kind words behind.


Thanks for the tip! :) I hope that you have a great week as well. Mine has started off pretty good. Already being productive on this Monday morning! Blessings!

You too!!! I just read the second and third part of your story!!!! What an experience!!! You were so brave!

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