Kashmir's Beauty in 3 seasons

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The beauty of which is no adjective, the beauty of which is the only survival of the 'horizontal' Kashmir destination this year.

Between April and October, it is time for Kashmir to travel. But if you want to see the full form of Kashmir, Kashmir will have to go three times.


  • April - May (spring tense): Just after the winter, this time the tulip filled with flowers will be filled with snow, sunny day, sunny day in ice.



  • September - October (autumn): Snow will be a little less at this time. But it can be found at the top. For example, at the second phase of Gulmarg Gondola, Thajivas glacier of Sonamarga. Apple, 🍏 so the apple hanging on the tree can be found on hand. An additional amount of money is available as Chinese (Mapal leaf 🍃) colored shapes of trees.
  • December - February (Winter): This time the white white mountains meet. Snow, snow and snow all around. Snow fall is also there.

But there are many problems in the winter. Many winter preparations have to be prepared, because the roads and gates are closed and can not go to many places. Even the chances of getting stuck are too much.

Considering all, if Kashmir wants to go once, then in my opinion, spring is the best time to travel to Kashmir tomorrow. The green, white, the beauty of the two can be enjoyed.

Kashmir is not exactly 'overhauled' as tourist center. Many tour groups have come to know about the welfare of the group, especially the TOB groups, many have visited Kashmir. I am surprised to hear that, there is a bit jealous! The 'horror' with the word 'Kashmir' has once again added that in this life I would have never thought of going there. And the people came in there effortlessly! The traveler's mind was sad, but it was still in the boat. There was a time that I could not even imagine, in today's day, I have to stand on the fact that now Kashmir does not mean that there is no reason to be afraid of it. So, after all the fear, I started planning this alluring tour for 8/9 months long. As a result, our travels were very enjoyable by the grace of God.

At the end of the journey, I realized that there is no 'risk' when we go to Kashmir. This place that has overcome all its negative and still continues to strive for self-disenchantment, it has to be recognized as the recognition of the fierce mentality of the people here.

Lowering from the small Sunderland Airport, birch, Russian Poplar, Willow and Maple trees will go to the depths of the city. It is a matter of Kashmir's main tourist center, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam. Apart from this, some other new places are becoming known gradually, of which Ujjarga, milk beta (but unfortunately, there were plans to go to these two places, but we could not get due to the strike). Wherever you go, the entire tour rotates around Srinagar. So, starting with Srinagar, we started our journey to the land.

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kashmir!i love this place and when i am 13 years old i had been visited the kashmir.it was just amazing tour .

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