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Over the years I have built up a collection of beautiful Jewellery so that I am able to match or enhance any outfit, but I don't care for Jewellery which is made of plastic or cheap metal, but prefer it slightly more up market !?!?!?.

However, neither did I want to spend a lot of money. I am, therefore, delighted to say that I have managed to achieve the best of both worlds. The lovely Black and White Seed pearl Necklaces pictured below, therefore, cost very little.


The White Seed Pearl Necklace I bought from a Car Boot Sale a while ago for £1.50 and the Black Seed Pearl Necklace at a Car Boot Sale more recently for £1.00. I'm not sure about the value of the white one, but I noticed a virtually identical black one marked up in a department store for £36 a month ago!!

My other favourite ones are the blue and purple Seed Pod Necklaces featured below.


The blue ones I've loved so much they have faded in places. They are both long and you can make them into several rows and or have a chocker effect. I bought them so long ago I don't remember the cost, but it would have been pennies.

Do be a little careful with Seed Pod Jewellery though, I bought some more recently, and they were beautiful, a lovely dark orange colour with a little black indentation where they had been attached to the tree or bush. Unfortunately whilst they were beautiful they just weren't my colour, so I decided to sell them on the internet.
Fortunately they were spotted by someone who recognised that they had been sold at a local Tourist Centre which specialised in plants and seeds from all over the world. This necklace had been sold in their shop, until somebody pointed out that the seeds were very poisonous, and they had recalled them!!!!

My next two items include a Pau Shell Bracelet from a Charity Shop for £1.50. The Pau Shell is patterned with beautiful blue and green translucent colouring. It is found in New Zealand amongst other places, and lends itself for use in Jewellery. The Bracelet would have been expensive to buy originally.
My other item would not have been inexpensive to buy originally, as it is made from wood and a common polished stone, but it is all natural. No plastic involved !!


Finally, I have a necklace which was actually in my mothers effects, but I have bought a number of similar ones from Car Boot Sales and sold them for a profit.

This is a glass necklace, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. It is named after the Northern Lights because when held up to the light you can see all colours of the spectrum.


These are just some of my favourites. I know a lot of people may be put off by the hygiene, but nearly all Jewellery can be washed or wiped over with warm soapy water with no ill effects.

Most of the items I found at the Car Boot Sales was hiding with a lot of other Jewellery, and very often all tangled up, and sometimes difficult to spot, but time, perseverence and vigilance does pay off.

Besides having quality items of Jewellery that have cost very little there is another equally important and positive aspect from it, which is___THAT IT HAS ALL BEEN RECYCLED.

And who knows you might even find a real gem ???

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