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This weekend I was supposed to go to Wildeburg (, a small festival born two years ago. This is maybe the best and most fun dance festival in my tiny little country the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I had to skip this years edition. Although that feels a little sad, there is always next years edition :)

And how cool would it be when Sonja Moonear will play next year? No idea if these guys behind Wildeburg even know of her existence, but she would certainly be an asset! Her music would very well fit in the somewhat fairy tail-ish decorations and super chill vibe of Wildeburg.

© Sonja Moonear (source)

I heard her for the first time at the mother of all festivals, Fusion. Years ago; 5 or 6? It was an early morning, sun already becoming warm, totally tired, walking to our camp and then we heard this music at the Turmbühne. We had to stop, we had to listen. Tired or not, we had no choice, we had to adjust our plans, and stay, and dance, and enjoy! What a sound this lady creates!

The good news is that at Amsterdam Dance Event, at one of the HYTE nights, she will play alongside my other favourite artists Steve Rachmad and Ricardo Villalobos. Although I don't like the summer to be over, I'm already looking forward to that night in October.

For now, Soundcloud and YouTube supports me getting super chill tunes onto my eardrums :) NJOY!

Artist: Sonja Moonear
Set: This and That..
Year: 2011
Country: Switzerland

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Familiar with her, but not this mix. Had a good time digging through it as I wrote tonight. Thanks for sharing it.

The Sonus 2014 I like as well. Is somewhere on Soundcloud.

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It's my first time listening to her music. Her set is so chill and at the same time catchy. I have someone new to listen to. Thank you for sharing! Hope you enjoy that event in the future.

Yep, that's her! :) NJOY. You may also like to try Ricardo Villalobos, he is in sort of similar style with part of his sets.

Thank you for recommending me another person. I'll try to listen to his sets.

Links to his spaces you can find in this post: