How to properly Darth Maul in BeatSaber

in #beatsaber3 years ago (edited)

It's just an old footage of me playing BeatSaber Darth Maul style.

I've messed up a couple of times but pay no attention to that! :P
I took the footage out from one of my old live streams.
-no mods
-no DIY tools
-hard mode
-no fail on
-no walls

lemme know what you think!

▶️ DTube

Interestingly enough Dtube or rather in fault of IPFS itself it didn't give it the title "How to properly Darth Maul in BeatSaber" but it left it with the number 4 as a title, probably because I've already uploaded the content to IPFS before with the name 4 on it. Weird..