FromLaNada / Beat Battle League S2:R6 entry

in #beatbattle2 years ago

Decided to cook something tropical and smooth , it is all self composed , didnt add much instruments to it, something to layback and chill , hope you like it and relax with the flow.

(spanish > decidí hacer este instrumental para esta competencia , con la categoría de que suene tropical espero les guste )
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Oh wow, Alan Watts, how tastefully selected, he always puts me in a meditative state, his 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' style definitely is a form of hypnosis that leaves one with a more favorable world view when one 'wakes up'.

I wish I understood spoken Spanish better ... Yes, this music feels smooth ... So much Latin American music is, by the way it feels, and by virtue of geography certainly, 'tropical'.

Ayyyyy what an entry buddy o weeeeee.

Love that Alan Watts intro what a way to set the tone and get your frequencies ready.

Wow what a laid-back vibe you create especially around 1:51-2:02 and around 2:52.

And such a cool use of that autotune and your vocals. What passion around 3:24 wowwww.

Really appreciate you sharing this with the community to enjoy.