Bearshares account updates

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Bearshares removed my account second time.


I don't know when it happened exactly, but recently I found that my old @sxiii account does not work there anyway.

My friends accounts also got removed and seems like there is new policy of making account with dashes (-). You can only create account with dash, the system won't allow you make it without a dash, with of course exception for the platform creator bilal.

I never had too much posts (I had somewhere less than 50 posts) and I already lost there my first account with their server failure. I will give the "BEARS" on last try; if something happens with my account third time there, I will not even spend a small effort on this any longer.

Anyway, if you would like to support my work and re-subscribe or if you do have a newly-brewed bearshares account, please upvote me and support my effort there, too:

If you decide to register at Bearshares please use my reflink :)

This will help me a bit.

Here's also link to my account, you can follow me after registration, for example:

Thank you dear steemit community :)

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