You have been warned, Or you will be SCAMMED BEARSHARES

in #bearshares2 years ago (edited)


What do you know.. @qurez took the money and ran!

I rarely post anywhere because the scam is almost done! New ones arise, but will never be as successful as other crypto blogging sites.

Take for instance these losers at Bearshares. The name of the game is scam and run and I have been saying it ever since I smelled pig shit.


I am so glad I quit this scam called Bearshares. The little man @bilalhaider and his scammy cohort @loki wanted the power. They wanted the MONEY. When things don’t go their way, you are deleted or they simply reset the server and call it a crash.


Now they need “witnesses” after they made their THIRD purge and people are still sending crypto to these two scammers

Yah if it looks like a PiG it probably is a PIG



Stay the hell away from this scam. It’s sick that people don’t know and should do their due diligence. That’s why I never sent them any crypto, because I did my background checks and knew this was coming.

I quit early on, but promoted it right at the beginning. For that I apologize. I still see people occasionally sending crypto to these fools.



When folks smell money the scammers come out. Thanks for the warning and good to see you back here.

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