GRIZZLY FRAMED - from yellowstone pt8

in bears •  8 months ago


Yep this happened ... got to see this grizzly here in yellowstone. And we waited for this moment as he napped for a decent while out of view and then when he got up we got basically about 1 minutes of pics... and it was worth it.


There always seems to be trees involved when photographing bears in yellowstone... so use them to your advantage to frame the shot.


Again i will repeat i cant wait to get back to a computer and see which pictures were sharp and process them as they deserve.

When shooting at 600mm sometimes sharpness is not a given. Haha

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Awesome shot! I love bears and saw a few black bears in Canada when I travelled there with my parents some years ago, despite wearing "bear bells" when hiking :D
Back then I had a cheap 5 MP point and shoot camera and was proud of this shot :D Times have changed..


Ahhh and two cubs? Awesome

Wow wonderful moment you catched my friend... For the composition first picture is great actually...But of course the others are also good to complete the story...

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day my friend...

Your photos are wonderful. When I camped in the yellowstone it snowed and in the morning when we got up we found bear tracks around our tent. ..very impressive, just like your photos.


Were you nervous or just sad you missed seeing it?


Frankly I was glad that the bear did not get into the tent. However, we saw a bear from afar the next day and that was a nice feeling ...

Impressive and interesting photos ...❤
certainly it is not easy to get photos like this ... because you have to hide behind the trees so that the bear does not see you ...😀🤗

have a nice n lovely day dear @jarvie ... thanks for sharing ...☕❤

Awesome!! Congratulations!! How far back were you from him? He did see you yes? It looks like he is looking right into the camera in the first one!


He came down the hill and was about 60yards from us at one point maybe closer... I'm
Not good with distances.


I had to check the conversion out on that one as I'm not familiar with yards : ) but that isn't too far away really! Impressive!!

Wow awesome, must have been a scary encounter!


When you are on the road next to vehicles and a dozen other people it is not even slightly scary. Running into one out on a trail now thats scary


True! But I think I still would have been a bit scared!

Do you have a 600mm lens or are you using a converter?


Yep the 150-600mm sigma
Usable but now i want to know how much better the 600mm primes are.