The Subtle Art of BeadMaking

in beadmaking •  7 months ago


I woke up this Morning and decided to try out some things I normally do before now ( I mean before the whole STEEM and STEEMIT stuffs), and as I recall, there are a whole lot of them.

So I decided to try out bead making...

I pulled out my bead making tools from the drawer and decided to make the first style that comes to my head (there are so many of them).

My eyes got fixated on the purple and black wires (at this point, I would like to explain that tgere are different types of bead making techniques, but what I was doing is wire works)

So I went ahead and made a coral bracelet with purple and black wires, and I am hoping it turns out well.

The only challenge I have right now is it entering my wrist, I kinda forgot that I was supposed to measure my hands before I even start (courtesy of old
Tell Me what you think about My new bracelet

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Your work looks cool. Hope it sizes you.


Unfortunately, it didn't size me...guess I have to give it

Am happy to have been able to do something different, it's been as if my life has been streamlined for a while now..

wow this turned out so beautiful @iamchijamz
You sure are multi talented. Equally skilled in writing, bead work and....
who knows how many more skills you have :)
Good Luck

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