Beach Trance Wednesday - Poetry included

in beachwednesday •  9 months ago

After a hard working day!

You should enjoy life a bit I say!

Beach Wednesday I created for Photography

Music also gets my sympathy

Electronic music at the beach with my love, my dear

Helps me to maintain my motivation here

Am totally thrilled by the music guys that mix great shit

So let me just play my fav Beach Techno a little bit

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Looks beautiful! I could use the beach right about now, it's too cold here! Lol

This beautiful pictures can lift up anybody's mood.

Beach Trance! Now this is a new one haha! You've combined your love of dance and BeachWednesday into one. I would've never thought that electronic music and beaches would go so well. But, then again there are a lot of beachside raves going on so yeah.

Techno music is one of the reasons I got my username. Great post, as you see I am back to steemit. Steemit is the future, thank you again for inviting me!

Klasse Musik! Und dazu tolle Bilder! ;-) Upvote & Resteem

Beach geht bei mir immer - und Techno sowieso...

Volle Kraft & Resteem! ;-)

You should actually enjoy life a lot ;) Great post! Nice tunes indeed! I'm an electronic music lover too ;) Isam from Amon Tobin is my fav,,, bit experimental though... but that how I like it ;)

this place looks very peaceful! :)

very nice video & god post. my frined @uwelang bro

amazing video the water is so clear in the top one, here is my entry

Looks nice...nothing better than some ocean blues to get the poetry flowing. Keep steemin' on!

so schön klares Wasser <3

Oh, da wäre ich jetzt auch sehr gerne! Upvoted und resteemed :-)

Nice post. Thank you for sharing :)

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damm pretty nicely done :D