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in beachwednesday •  last year

It is cloudy up here...


Let's go under water...


A sceene from caye caulker - in black and white even more dramatic!

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F U, you R having too much fun!
Thanks for the great pix!


Hahaha - Yeah, I survvvvivvved, so it was fun! Cheers

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Congrats @snailpath, Your photo made it on the Top Photographs Daily Selection today :) Upvoted and Resteemd!


Thanks a lot, appreciate it!

Wow! Great pictures! Thank you for sharing!


Hey, thank you for checking in :)

hey @snailpath! Great shots, I love it! When have you been to Caye Caulker? I was there swimming with the cat sharks too last year! It really is awesome for scuba diving and snorkel trips!! Have you seen manities? Thanks for participating whit this at beachwednesday. Would love to see you around for the next one.