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Despite living in a small country, I still have a lot of beaches to discover.

This summer we went to discover a few more in he southwest Portugal, and we found a couple of picturesque beaches. We arrived to Monte Clérigo beach after lunch time, and it was not easy to park. We had to walk a bit, but at least we had this amazong view:

Monte Clérigo - a large beach with a lovely village placed on a cliff

Cute village

Now, looking to the right we had:
A couple of surfers...

Ahhh, an amazing day at the beach was waiting for us!!

I finished reading "Bitcoin: Tudo o que Precisa Saber", a great book about Bitcoin in portuguese. After we went exploring this beach low tide diversity...


and oh boy!!
I took photos and more photos, but I'll share them in another day!

**When the golden hour arrived, the beach seemed even more perfect!

And it was the perfect time for a panoramic photo

This was my third #Panoramic beach, I will keep posting some other beach photo panoramics, at least during summer.

Hope you liked of Monte Clérigo beach, it is for sure one of the most picturesque beaches I've ever been...

This is my submission to #BeachWednesday, created by @uwelang and now led by @lizanomadsoul!

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Nice panoramic photo :)

A very lovely seaside landscape you have gotten in your country. Nature is always beautiful. I hope to spend sometimes soon in an environment like this.


I know, that's why I'm a beach lover :) Nature is our best re-energizer (if this word exists...), hope you manage time for it!!


Of course i will. Thank you

What a wonderful pics that you've taken. Really picturesque !! I wish i could go there and enjoy the beauty of those beaches...


Thank you!! :)

How beautiful, what magnificent views. The rock cliff is incredible. We live only a drive from Portugal so this beach has gone on my travel list.


You won't regret! Somehow i thought you lived in North clue why I imagined that!


Lol we started out in germany but moved south for the heat and the beaches 😉

A costa vicentina no seu melhor :)

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