BeachWednesday - SeaWater Transparency @ Portugal

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How is on the beach today!?

Here are some recent photos of the Portuguese shore and seawater. Sometimes it still surprises me due to its transparency...

It was a bit cold but bearable! There it comes...
DSC_6424.JPG it goes.

To the left...

To the right...

Hey, this reminds me something!!

"To the left to the right
Step it up step it up it's alright (...)"

(Step It Up by Stereo MCs)

Now, back...

...and to the front!!

This my submission to #BeachWednesday, created by @uwelang and now led by @lizanomadsoul!

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Is the water warm?


No way!! It's the Atlantic...probably it was around 18ºC.

Looks like some fairly clear water over there in Portugal

Que saudades de Portugal! Não da temperatura do belo mar, porque acho que nunca mais vou conseguir meter-me nele depois destas águas tropicais. Se já era friorenta antes, imagina agora!
Muitos beijinhos e aqui vai o meu #LoveFriday desta semana! Surpresa desvendada!
Depois já volto para ver o teu <3...