BeachWednesday - Resting time (oh happy days!!) @ Porto Covo

in beachwednesday •  4 months ago

Finally, I had the chance to take some days off to go to the beach. The water temperature was ok (how wouldn't it with the air temperatures reaching the highest values of 2018!?) and I took some baths in the sea.

I felt relaxed and decided to float

But it's much funnier to wet someone else!!

Ahhh, by the way...this was shot in Porto Covo's beach, on 'Praia Grande', a small piece of paradise in Portugal.

These last days I wasn't able to access the internet, that's why this is my (late) submission to #BeachWednesday, created by @uwelang and now led by @lizanomadsoul!

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Beautiful spot! I must get to Portugal some time!

Beach days are definitely the best, right @liliana.duarte? 😀 Nice to see you having fun. Cheers!


Thank you!! We all need some rest time, right!?


I haven't been to the ocean in many years, and the gravel beaches of cold mountain lakes here are not to my liking. Looks like you had far more fun.


And I've never had been on a cold mountain beach. Oh yes I did, I fooled the photographer ;)

Excellent relaxing time. Enjoy

I need to visit Portugal for sure :)


Portugal is on the radar of many tourists lately ...

This beach looks so relaxing. Enjoy


It's pretty quiet, but yet too crowded for my personal taste ;)

Ouvi que esta um calor dos infernos portanto deve saber mesmo bem.


Ui, esteve um calor dos infernos no fim de semana. Isto foi no sábado, às 9h da manhã estavam 30º praia! Está melhor agora...tirando a parte do incêndio em Monchique!

Grandes mergulhos! 😂😂

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OOOOOMMMMGGGGG que saudades !!!!



Ahhh, you've been there too!! :) I love this small village, but don't go often!

Great shots. Hope the camera can take the water fun. :-)


Oh, it is appropriate for water fun, I bought it last year :)

Look behind you.

It’s a SHARK!!!


It was a whale!! Thanks for your concern ;)