📷 #beachwednesday " Stormy Beach Tiessow/ Ruegen "📷

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Hello dear Steemians

Clouds, Sand And Sea

This is my entry for #beachwednesday which is hosted by @lizanomadsoul.  

The first day of my holidays the weather has been really rough in the morning and on the first picture you see a beach where you are able to walk a few hundred meters in the water.  

Then there is a stone wall and it is very dangerous to walk in or swim here. The sign shows no swimming on the stones because of the current.

The currents in this area are unpredictable and the  sea spray is spraying around your ears in the strong wind. A difference like day and night.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Netter Strand, fehlt nur noch die Sonne😉

Wow beautiful beach .excellent photography
Thanks @lichtblick
Have a great day

@lichtblick, Hope that you are enjoying your holidays, and yes the environment is reflecting as rough for sure.

And really nature is Dynamic aspect and we never know which situation will arrive because nature is unpredictable.

Sometimes nature always reflects so beautiful and healing and in next moment it can change and we can see the totally different face.

And yes, when we stand on the beach one aspect always had an conversation with us and that is Wind.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

The water looks calm enough but the sign tells you it's not quite safe.
The weather is like telling not to stay around too.


In the afternoon I had luck and the sun came out :-) On the first photo you can go into the water without any danger and the stone wall seperates the other more dangerous side.

Excellent photo, may you be a strom chaser!

Fotogen ist es jedenfalls. :)
Halt uns mal auf dem laufenden, was auf Rügen so los ist. Ende September bin ich auch ein paar Tage auf Rügen und kann ein paar Fotos für die Vorfreude gut vertragen.

This is gorgeous!
I like the different colors of blue 👌 Very well done lichtblick!

Relajante foto ...excelente toma...me gusto mucho ya quiero ir a la playa a meditar

Wows 😱😱

Very beautiful Beach... Awesome photography, my dear friend.

It sounds like a dangerous but exciting place. Thanks for the photographs my friend.

Beautiful and natural beach.Great photography my friend.

Beautiful day at the beach simply amazing shots :)

Nice photos

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A very charming sea beach with white sand makes the natural atmosphere extraordinary. amazing your photo shoot. beautiful photos.regards @lichtblick

wow beautiful beach photography i really love beach cool atmosphere ...
the best place to go with family the cool breeze and the lovely sand where you can write and make something you want wow you made me remember my Good days at beach with love 😍😍 Thankss 😘

Bei dem Anblick der Bilder fällt mir sofort auf, was mir seit 2 Jahren fehlt: Das Meer! (Resteem)