Bali Beach, A Place to Relax in Southwest Aceh

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Far on the outskirts of Aceh, precisely in Southwest Aceh hidden beaches ready to pamper your eyes. Its beauty has been recognized by some beach lovers who had stopped there. Unmitigated, the beauty is worth compared to the existing beaches on the Island of the Gods (Bali Island).


Bamboo bridge

This beauty is what makes it called Bali Beach. Its location is in Ladang Village, Susoh Subdistrict, about two kilometers or eight minutes drive from downtown Blangpidie.

Bali Beach offers an attractive beach scene with a stretch of sand from sand. There the sea is so blue, the sea waves look passionate "fuck" the beach. Anyone visiting, the shade of pine will definitely make the atmosphere become relaxed.

Not only that, right in front of Bali Beach there is a beautiful white sandy island, named Gosong. This is another holiday destination for those who love diving activities.

There are already some stalls ready to serve visitors. Every day, this tourist area is always visited, especially by young people. Sometimes they come during school hours, but not infrequently when the sun sets.

In one of the stalls there is a bamboo bridge over the pond, which is a favorite place to take pictures. During holidays like holidays, Bali Beach is also frequented by several families for picnics together.

If the day is sunny, try a cold drink message like cappuccino blend, juice or young coconut. Enjoy the blue sky and the beach breeze. Perfect![]
Pantai Bali.jpg

Bali coastline


Chairs to relax


We relaxed

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