Time Stands Still

in #beach5 years ago

L.A. moves fast. It’s relentless and chaotic and furious. It’s easy to be swept up, swallowed whole, to fragment at the speed of vacuity.

That is until I go to the beach.


There I find peace and stillness juxtaposed against the mighty waves of the pacific.


There I find solitude in a crowd, vastness in the midst of Urbana.


The beach is my soul food; my happy place in an often hostile terrain.


The beach is always awesome. I love the empty one the most, where there's nobody but me, the water, and what ever creatures are crawling around.

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Hey Lisa, how are you doing? I somehow imagined the beach in LA to be overpopulated... I especially like the first picture :)

There are some seriously crowded beaches here for sure...especially during beach season. But there are also in between places and local secrets.

I’m okay. Feeling low on steam...pun intended. You?

Im with you re the beach. Best place ever to quiet my mind and bring calm. I think I might go there tomorrow. Good idea.

I enjoy the tint in the first photo - some golden yellow and black? It gives some "light" somehow. Plus I like the texture of the waves.

Nice images missy!

Thanks, Deb! Don’t be fooled by the tint. It adds atmosphere but not light. Light is there or it’s not. And with photography, good light is absolutely essential.

That being said, I warmed the photo a bit.

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