Best of both heaven and paradise

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One of our family’s mantra “Take a break from daily routine and TRAVEL. Travel, whether for a day.”

I would like to share one of our favourite day travel destination. Dalaguete going up to Osmeña peak road and down to Lambug Beach, Badian. You won’t need to turn your AC and just enjoy mountain peak breeze, sit on fine white sand. Get lost and start living the moment. A nice break from daily shackles from work, school and City traffic. Banking on new memories.










The shot from up on top of the mountain is fantastic! What a life you are living, thank you for sharing it with us all here on!

Namaste :)

wonderful creation!

Wonderful post, I particularly like the photos.Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the appreciation and for stopping by!

I've been there in lambug beach also, it's so nice. But I haven't go yet in Osmeña peak.

Oh men! You must! It will do something to your soul.

Yeah I must try it soon. Maybe this coming holy week.

Really great pictures. For me those are places that I need to visit someday.

Thank you! I welcome you to visit. 😇

I love this post from the first photo till end.
like both heaven and paradise..

I love them too. I just can’t help to share the wonderful experience. Hoping you will able to experience them too.

did u clicked those

Yes. All photos are mine.

Ang ganda:) sana hindi masira ang ganyan kagandang kalikasan..Yan lang an yaman ng Pilipinas:)

Yes. As in sobrang ganda! Photos does not do justice! Our dream bucket list talaga is to go to all beautiful beaches and mountains sa pinas. Kahit pa cguro whole life time di talaga kakayanin 7k plus islands sa pinas. 😂

Lovely, were you taking pictures with a gopro?

It looks like a fish eye lens! Great to have found your blog on the Steemit FB group!


Hi! Take using a Sjcam legend action camera. 😇 thank you for dropping by!

wow, nice kaayo. sana 1day mapuntahan ko di yan, me & my friends loves to travel... keep posting girl...

Go for it! Definitely you wont regret it! 😘

this is sooo beautiful. God made everything perfect, nature is one of the many gifts that God gives us to delight us, through it we can see Him. His majesty.

True. I thank God for letting me pass to this world and giving me opportunity to see his creation.

Wow! Beautiful! I looked it up on the map and saw that it’s at the southern part of Cebu. The last time I went to Bantayan Island in the north. Next time I will include this in may itinerary. Thanks for sharing :)

Come back to Cebu already! Summer is almost here!😇😍

Beautiful photos!

Thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate it

Nature is beauty.

True that. Hoping the next generations would be able to maintain and see it.

really amzing

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