Quarantine Heaven: A Whole Beach All To Ourselves

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Kilgwyn Beach


So while exploring the lovely Tobago, once again, we came across another empty beach that had beautiful turquoise waters, white sand and literally NO ONE there. Having a beach to yourself is really awesome. The peace and quiet is therapeutic and you get to appreciate the sounds of the waves that just resonates with your soul. No one playing loud music, no drunk lousy people and no touts bothering you! When I checked on google maps, the name of the beach is Kilgwyn Bay and supposedly also has a reef worth exploring but we never did try to. maybe another time. For now, enjoy the breathtaking scenery!

Beautiful All The Way From Beginning to End

We took an old unassuming road off of the main road to get to this beach. It did not look like a road that could lead to something so beautiful at first but as we went along, the natural beauty of Tobago shone through. The roadway took us through a swamp, the trees of which created a beautiful canopy overhead. It was after lunch and the sunlight filtered through the leaves and branches creating a wonderful scene.

Once the swamp was cleared, the beach and all of its glory appeared from behind trees that provided a lot of natural shade from the sun on the shore. This beach doesn't require umbrellas! The trees were perfectly suited for beach days as we could have parked the car under the thick, vast canopy so it doesn't heat up in the sun and we could also put out the beach chairs and relax. This is perfect for those who don't really want to get a tan or be exposed to the blistering sun.


The beach itself, as aforementioned was completely empty except for us. I feel like Tobagonians are the luckiest people on earth. The first thing that was immediately apparent was how white the sands were as well as how blue the waters were. It gives off a clean and pristine feeling.


The waters were very calm and not at all rough or violent, not suitable for body boarding or surfing. We were looking for leisurely relaxation anyway so this was perfectly suited for our needs. The grass growing near the shoreline was perfect for some stylistic photography as well as for some landscape shots.


The waters were warm and a pleasure to bathe in and it was a such a great fortune to have it all to ourselves. The natural and versatile canopy shade bestowed by the trees on the shoreline is something I wish my favourite beaches could have. It beats umbrellas anyday. I hope you guys enjoyed the views. I'll leave you with some stylised edits from Kilgwyn beach! Thanks for reading! Cheers!




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