Trust your self 😔

in be •  2 years ago

I live in peace right now ; taking my time to relax ; taking my time to think about a lot of things

I'm trying so hard to stay without you and I'm going to hope inside of me i do believe that nothing can't stop me from moving on and i got nothing to lose it's all so simple now
I was thinking that let it go everything it would destroy me . But the truth i was wrong i won't deny it's hard to do it but a least if we try we can ; i know inside of me that i'm unstoppable and that's what it has to be inside every one
It has to be that feeling who will makes you to know that you are strong and not a fool and you are unbreakable and not like a glass who can be destroy so easy . And also if you do believe in yourself trust me you got everything you need just don't let the possibility and the fear to stop you from moving on .
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Take me as an example i was a personne shy i didin't believe in myself i was weak and always sad and i was sure that i won't succed in anything until i found the real me and it wasn't easy to know me i've just did build a beautiful personality and all this it was thanks to my experience in this life it was also thank's to my mistakes it's not wrong to fell down in somethings or to make mistakes if i didn't fell down in a lot of things i wouldn't become to this gril i wouldn't found myself i wouldn't be me

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