50 year of Bangladesh Independence

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50 years of our independence are passing. Thousands of mothers and sisters sacrificed and the country is the blood of the heroic children of the motherland, today's independent sovereign independent country. Even after so much time of independence, but in the true sense of the word, but we could not give much to our country. At least I will eat the flag in Manchi and eat Mani's car. But what is the value of so much self-sacrifice and freedom gained in blood? The people of a democratic country are most concerned about how they will live and how their country will move forward. And especially this generation of ours has nothing to speak about. So it is the responsibility of every human being to have knowledge about politics. The future of a country is determined by the young generation of that country. Now you can say that my benefit is if I understand politics? If this is exactly the thought of Bangabandhu doing politics in jail, my benefit? If this thought is what every man would do in 1971, if I die fighting, then what is my benefit? If you did not get an independent state today, you would not be able to identify yourself as a Bangladeshi today. The country you leave today will be exactly what the next generation will get. The country you are eating today, the country you are sleeping in peace because of this country, there are thousands of sacrifices behind this country, you have got this country today, maybe you will not get it. So after so many years of independence, I have no responsibility to the country? With the word politics, our generation is divided into three groups. 1st they know qualified leadership, they have political knowledge, they apply it only for one day in 5 years. Understands more than the category and strongly supports certain parties. 3rd They do not understand politics. If you say that politics means only slogans and processions, this is politics. I have already said that what this country will be like and how you will live depends on it. They will not understand politics, they will not be able to think of anything in the country, they will not even want to understand. I mean ignorant it means the biggest step on the path to knowledge. If everyone had been thinking of them since 1947, there would be no history of Bangladesh today and the name would not exist. Out of 3 categories, the most eligible category is 1st. You will have the knowledge about this. Those who need to do politics will do their own thing to take the country forward. You will not find it anywhere else in the world. Do you go to America? You will see that on the same day of 4 years, everyone thinks about politics and the rest of the time everyone does their own work, the responsibility of the country belongs to the government. That is why today they are leading the whole world. They are moving forward by using their talents and also taking away our talents. You know, there are scientists born in Bangladesh in the big research sector of America. They are using our talents to lead us. If you are a patriot, then you have to understand politics. If you are a Muslim, then you have to understand politics. The first written document of the world was Medina. Allah Ta'ala says: [Surah An-Nisa: 5] If you are not a Muslim or a patriot, you are a curse for this country. We were able to rule Britain for 190 years because we were incompetent people like you. Swear on the golden jubilee of independence that you are one of the next generation Leaving the country that will be the role model of the whole world will lead the whole world. Stay away from politics and become a worthy citizen of the country. I swear like the poet Sukanta Bhatracharya, the new child has come, he has to leave the place, he has to leave the worn out world, we have to leave, before he leaves, he has to remove all the troubles, he will make this world livable for this child.