Bytecoin (BCN) - Bottom not in yet...

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Bytecoin (BCN), ranked 22 on coin market cap, seems like a promising coin. It's not bitcoin but Bytecoin is going to pay out a nice short term profit. Ladder your buy in and get ready to take some profits. I am targeting 323 as the low and short term high target at 556.


May you have abundance in all of 2018!!

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Whats the company motto? Byte Me? Never heard of this one. I'm hoping that one day soon I'll make enough $ on Steemit where I can do some limited investing/speculating. I have a long sob story you for sure don't want to hear, but lets just say I'm motivated! Blessings.

lol It's like bitcoin but has a much higher total circulating supply. I guess you can call it the copper to Bitcoin. I have a small investment in it but with some of these coins that's all you need in order to see a 500-1000% return. Even a $100 could return $1000 or more. Stay positive and focused and I know you will make it. A person just needs faith in their own ability. The Creator made it a very cool world.