Harvey had an allergic reaction to the Bitcoin Cash sell off

in bch •  11 months ago

As Bitcoin Cash was hitting the lows on 11/16, Harvey started showing signs of an allergic reaction.


He had a small bite of a raspberry before the skin reaction, but I still think Harvey’s body was reacting to the lows of Bitcoin Cash on 11/16.


I immediately bought more of Bitcoin Cash and Harvey’s skin reaction began to clear up.


I’m very relieved this morning, because little Harvey’s skin is nearly cleared up this beautiful Saturday morning.


I’m @runridefly, and we’ll see where this Bitcoin Cash goes.

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If BTC doesn't work, try litecoin it should clear that right up


Harvey has litecoin, so I’m thinking he just wanted a bigger position in bch. Steem On Dude!

I am happy that the little boy is out of danger now. Take care of him. Love from my side to the kid.


@rocksg, he looks like he is near 100%

Oh thats a bit scary. Bitcoin Cash huh? If you say so. I sold mine at a very low price wish I still held. Whatevs happy Steeming!


Not much you can do about the climb of Bitcoin Cash. Best to buy a first class ticket to the climb.

take care