All Aboard !! BITCOIN Cash BCH

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All Aboard !! BITCOIN Cash Symbol BCH is leaving the station.

1st Impulse wave complete after 2nd wave finishes correcting wave 3 up should be followed by wave 4 down and another wave 5 up .. before correcting.
MACD is turning up all signs are pointing green.

Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 11.44.02 PM.pngwave

BCH has the name recognition and the features core used to have before core became a bore.
And they also now have a white paper too.

Not investment advice. Yours is yours and mine is mine.. Do I have to really say that?

thanks for the upvotes, resteems, comments and follows.


The crypto market has set the bar shockingly low for entrepreneurs to raise money, and this is dangerous for everyone involved.