Announcement on the Delisting of Bitpie BCH Financial Plan

in bch •  7 months ago 

On November 15,2018 the BCH Mainnet went through a Hard fork and split into BCH ABC and BCH SV.

Since Bitpie launched the Daily and Monthly BCH Financial Plan before the BCH fork, for the users who already subscribed these Financial Plans, Bitpie will terminate Daily Financial Plan service with the 30th of November 2018 as the maturity date; for user who subscribed to the Monthly Financial Plan, Bitpie will terminate all monthly financial plans after the expiration of the current financial period; the subscriptions will no longer be automatically renewed. All the corresponding fork assets from the principals and interests will be paid out to the subscribers.

Meanwhile, Bitpie will delist all BCH Financial Plans. In the future, new Financial Plans will be launched as the case may be.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Bitpie Team,
30 November, 2018

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