Bitcoin Cash and Ripple market analysis 11/03/2018

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Ripple : 

After Reaching a new all time high price at 3 USD, the price of XRP is now traded around 0.8 USD, this is a good entry point for a long term trade on ripple, for me it will be my entry point for april and may, i will take from 2 USD, don"t forget that ripple is the crypto curreny of Banks .

Ripple Chart from Coinmarketcap

Bitcoin Cash : 

BCH is at a good entry point for a long term trade, after reaching it's all time high price around 4000 USD, BCH is now traded around 1008 USD . i think that this level are a good buy entry point for long term holding, target profit, sell from 1800 USD to 2000 USD, time farm, 1 month to 2 month  .

Bitcoin Cash Chart from Coinmarketcap 

 If you have any others questions about crypto currency please left a comment on this article and i will happy to help you . 

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