Could Internet Plus be the way to implement BCBRI?

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The Blockchain Belt and Road Initiative is a Blockchain Mining infrastructure project that would be installed along the new Belt and Road Initiative system.

The BCBRI would be the largest mining blockchain system in the world providing the best possible security against large natural disasters or cyber attacks, while providing much needed support to remote areas throughout the world, allowing even those who have very little infrastructure to participate in global trade.

What is Internet Plus? Is a proposal made in 2013 from private companies like Tencent (, based in China, to reach out to rural areas in China in providing internet infrastructure. The intention of the proposal is to extend China’s Industrial sector as Chinese economy contracts while urban upgrades come to an end.

In terms on implementing the BCBRI, working in conjunction with companies like Tencent will allow for better planned implementation along the BRI. Many people in China have begun to use the internet to cutout the middle man and provide product directly to the customer through e-commerce.

The major challenge these entrepreneurs face is that they still require banking systems with large fees and challenging cash withdrawal systems to pay their employees.

The BCBRI solves this issue by allowing business owners to printout digital wallets with the funds needed to pay their employees. More work is required to investigate the best practices to make digital printed wallets or ‘paper wallets’ to ensure the security and credibility of the transference. Potentially a separate organization needs to be establish to promote standards for business which choose to use paper wallets to pay their employees.

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