It does exist! The 13 hour brisket video.

in #bbq5 years ago

Arby's made a video of a brisket smoking for 13 hours, and sold it on DVD.

I thought it was a joke ad campaign, until I saw they put it up on youtube.

Best Commercial Ever! Well, ok, longest commercial ever, according to Guinness.

Luckily there is a 5 minute timelapse for the rest of us.
The chopping, slicing, and sandwiching at the end is mouthwatering...

Excuse me while I kickstart my smoker. I suddenly need a sammich.


We just need to see you make a youtube and actually try it. Does it come out "exactly" like Arby, or did they leave out a step on purpose. :)

You know, I think they did leave some steps out.
I didn't see the "add floor seasoning" or the "wrap and squash" steps. That's what makes it authentic fast food!