How to buy BBQ tools with Steem and get a discount - in 3 easy steps!

in #bbq5 years ago (edited)

Let me show you how I got this Stainless Steel BBQ tool delivered in 4 days for only 10.6 SteemDollars!

You can do it too, in 3 easy steps.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get a discount when spending your Steem and SteemDollars.
Now go buy something, you know you want to!

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BBQ never look better! gives 5% off instant buys if you don't want to create a wish list and wait. I have used the service many times and have been very happy with their discounts and Free 2-3 day shipping!

Yeah, instant works good if you are in a hurry. Price spike, quick instant buy!

What I got from this was... I have extra money now to buy more bacon.


How cool is this! Thanks for such a detailed explanation.

Purse is great, but sometimes takes a while to ship! If you're impatient (like me) you can purchase a giftcard on using bitcoin.

Thanks for the great tutorial! This is exactly what my wife was asking me how to do.

Great Post! Very informative !

very good post you