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Garlic bread is the most popular BBQ side dish because it is quick, easy, and everyone has their own version! There are tons of good recipes and crazy things to try. Most people just cut a loaf of french bread in half, add butter, sprinkle on some garlic salt, wrap in tinfoil, and toss on the top rack. (I will skip that video.) You can get a lot better flavor by slicing, buttering, spicing, and grilling each individual slice. Here is a collection of videos that demonstrates the wide range of possibilities, ranging from basic Italian to exotic international recipes.

To start, check out this awesome video recipe for garlic bread from PitmasterX.
(Cue the 70's porno music...)

Here is another simple step by step recipe, from the Aussie Griller.
This one comes with instructions for Parmesan herb butter.

Got a hot date? Want to show off while you're cooking?
Make some Super Fancy Ass Garlic Flatbread! like Chef Cadac!

Here is how all that looks from the charcoal's point of view.

But wait! There's more!

If you have the time and inclination, you can make many different kinds of bread from scratch too. It is waaay cheaper than buying it, and there is nothing better than freshly baked bread to go with your meal. Here is a collection of some great recipes for different types of bread from around the world, that you can cook on your BBQ.

Grilled Herb Bread

Grilled Turkish Bread

Grilled Lebanese Flatbread

Grilled Flatbread Parmesian

BBQ flatbread, grilled over a hole in the ground (British style?)

Grilled Country Style bread from scratch while camping (in a city park)

Artisan bread on the Big Green Egg \ Kamado style grills

South African Roostekoek bread rolls - on bbq
(warning, may put you to sleep)

If all this looks too easy, then you might be ready for the next level. Stuffed BBQ'ed Bread!

Feta-Stuffed Grilled Flatbread with basil dipping oil

German Dark Rye with Bacon!
From the authentic German grandma channel.

300 Style Flatbread
Ultimate man meal by Feeling Peckish

I have to give some of these a try! (especially the ones stuffed with bacon)

And don't forget, if all this looks great but seems like too much work, you can just cheat and buy dough!


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Wow this makes me want to make all of this now. I am so hungry.
Amazing compilations of videos!

Thats genius i never thought of that.

Yeah it is! I've gotta try the stuffed with bacon idea first.

Wow! So tasty, mmmmm.. Thank's for the videos!