BBQ Pineapple - Cooking Dessert on the BBQ

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Grilled Pineapple is one of those rare delicacies that add a lot to your BBQ. Tangy, sweet, and caramelized fruit is always a great addition to your meal. Usually seen in Caribbean cooking and asian kebabs, pineapple is a great side to pork and chicken, but it can also be used to create a great sweet treat for after the main meal. This collection of recipes focuses on what you can do with pineapple to create an unforgettable dessert for the end of your BBQ feast.

Step by step, it's pretty simple.

  • Take your pineapple and cut off the skin
  • Cut out pits, and at some point the tough core

  • Baste a marinade on pineapple slices
  • Cook slices on BBQ 5-10 minutes depending on thickness
  • Baste a marinade on whole pineapple on rotisserie
  • Rotisserie for 30-40 minutes until nicely caramelized
  • Remove, slice, drizzle, and add Ice Cream

Take a look at these great step by step examples, guaranteed to give you the munchies and get some pineapple on your BBQ!

Rotisserie Pineapple with marinade recipe

Grilled Pineapple slices with marinade, served with ice cream

Rotisserie Pineapple

BBQ Pineapple with sweet glaze

This guy creates the best looking end product, the extra steps definitely look worth it.

Grilled Pineapple and Bananas Foster

Expert level recipe with Banana liqueur flambe sauce over grilled banana and pineapple.

Definitely have to give this idea a shot, there are tons of combinations to try!

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4th of July weekend and after seeing this I'll be picking up a pineapple to add to the weekend BBQing. Thanks for the great idea!

Yum! Also super delicious if you just grill it and sprinkle on some cinnamon and cardamom :-)

More flavor, less dishes. Great idea!

I thought those where Batman emblems at first.

Yeah those are cool looking. The fourth video shows how to make those. Rotisserie plus grilling, mmm mmm good!

Great item to add to a BBQ meal. !

Looks like yummy and healthy :D

That looks really tasty; thanks!

On the subject of grilling pineapples, have you tried the Swineapple? A swineapple is a pineapple stuffed with ribs which is then covered with bacon.

I've seen a few variations of that crazy idea! It looks real tasty.
I want to try one with a pork loin in the middle, if I can ever find the 1 screw that makes my rotisserie do its thing.