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Country by country,nation by nation has its tradition passed from generation to generation that serves as a legacy from itheir ancestors. And for this reason,Philippine is known for preserving its traditions from our ancestor. Embraced day by day ,from time to time from generation to generation as a legacy to trait with.


How do we defined Banayanihan?
BAYANIHAN comes from the derived word "bayani" which means Obra Comun or group work.MAGBAYANI on the other hand is its related words.
Here is the derivations of the word BAYANIHAN in mother tongue(FILIPINO dialect):
•Bayan- Nation

Bayanihan is working together with coordination so that the community will have an abundant harvests of crops and foods to sustain with daily consumption of humans. Meanwhile, bayanihan is defined as working together through sharing of gained crops so that everyone could have a equitable way of sharing as a result.It denotes both physical and emotional assistance in community regardless of rank in the society,leadership, and structures with a value of heroism( bayani).According to custom villagers of ancient days, bayanihan is lifting an entire house through manual lifting of men and placed in their shoulder with the numbers of colleagues doing this in order to transfer house from one place to the desired location.


To look back,ancient filipino tradition known as BAYANIHAN,is truly a sign of good cummunity and society showing the filipino spirit in times of difficulty without waiting any payment as a return. The people during the olden days invites their neighboors to lift their entire house when we say entire house it includes the roofs ,windows and the doors. They uses poles to lift the " bahay kubo", "bahay kubo" is not heavy since it is made up of dried cocunut leaves for roof , bamboo for the ceilings and floor. Men lift the entire house in their shoulder while women are cheering for them for motivation and stregth,also wiping the sweat. After doing this,stressful job there is a simple celebration which called "salo-salo" in tagalog dialects in which men and women shared together their foods and eat together,filipino recipes and dishes was cook special for them.


Values is an innate nature of a person wherein it doesn't need Rational Justification in order for us to appear with. It is figurative object that is intentional realization of feelings f form sensory,bodily and psychic feelings.Values obligates our beliefs,ideals and attitudes.
•Kapwa (fellow)- similar identity of sharing innerself with others.
•Pakikipagkapwa- (fellowship) unity with one another.
•Pakikiramdam (sensitivity)- being sensitive to shared inner person and not being insensitive with others.


•Relocation- to look back ,people in the ancient years do not have a permanent way of living,that is why the house must be lifted strongly with the need of coordination and teamworking of men in order for them to organized and have a signal in strength in lifting.
Meanwhile ,women watches ,cheered and chatting in order for the men to gained motivation and strength in carrying the "bahay kubo".

•Strengthen the relationship of community and the people- since bayanihan includes people including women to accompany with, the bonds which has been made them increases and valued from time to time. They are going to established the bonds in the relationship as a person listening and being aware to the situations happened from persons life and the society.
•Reaffirming the value of helping others- to help is to as sincere with the emotions of persons situations. Helping a person strengthen its emotional feeling ,giving the stregth to endure problems in life.
•Preserving traditions- we must have gave importance to the traditions begun by our ancestor,preserved and pass this to the next generations to come. This is the trademark which filipino known with when doing this and keeping this practice.
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Since we are in the modern era of dominating and creating high technolgy, this tradition is no longer available and faded practicing was almost obsolete. This is very sad and true, technology dominates over traditions in nature of Filipino traditions, to be fair enough comfortable of using technology is the main priority of inventing such but let us not forgot the traditions that has been made during those days in making the life of our ancestors comfortable when relocating their houses through manual lifting because this is a part of the past,we cannot be here in this comfortable if we wasn't begun to start doing the things invented by our ancestors.

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I hope Filipinos would continue to practice its own tradition so that it will never become obsolete...

Together we were going to practice this kind of tradition keep steeming.

I admire your attitude towards Filipino Values. Keep steeming @benchcarr

Thank you. Be an artist of change also keep steeming

The word itself should be promoted more extensively throughout the country imho. Good post good post...

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