Sky Weaver - Blockchain Trading Battle Card Game Where You Can Earn Cards

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The trailer looks pretty sweet. It looks like card games are going to be the first game type to really take off on the blockchain. It makes sense as cards a perfect example of a digital item that could be made scarce and have value. And when you win battles you can earn new cards which give you a new reason to play. You will need to make new boarders and have special cards to make them higher in value but the trading and collecting of cards has already proven to be successful off of the chain with game like Hearthstone.

Skyweaver is being made by Horizon studies who is actually owned by the co-founder of Reddit. They raised $3.75 million dollars and you can see where some of that money went in the prouction of this game.

The promise is that you can earn and trade your cards. The trailer doesn't say anything about selling but I am guessing that is allowed too if I can trade them. If that is the cause I will be giving this a try when it comes out and see if you can make any money off of earning and doing well.

The cards themselves have a cost, life and attack. This is the thing you are used to if you played any game like Hearthstone. I see there are leaders too so if you lower their life you probably win the battle. I am excited to see a leaderboard in the trailer could be a fun ranked mode on the blockchain where you can earn good rewards for placing.

It is too early to tell if this will do well or not but it looks like it is worth a try. Here is the early sign up if you are interested:

I didn't get an invite yet. But I will keep you updated when I am in. I will also let you know if the cards are worth anything. If not I will have to take this off the steemleo tag :p


The game looks so polished for closed beta! Horizon is partially here in my home city of Toronto, they're the Team behind the ERC1155 multi-token standard and they've got one of the most talented Dev Teams on the scene.

Lead Designer streams game play on his Twitch -->

I know I'm impressed.
Thanks for the video.
If you guys are both in Toronto maybe you can get them to take battle for cards :p

lol just realised it is live

This looks pretty good and I welcome any games with a chance to make something from them. But I love card games and I would play this either way. Fingers crossed we can win lots and get the bonus of extra to spend on tokens here and other places. Also savings :D

ㅗㅗ66,66666666666666666666665 not 6AM io9

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