Kobold Mining Expedition - 30.07.2019- I love second places ;)

in #battlelast year (edited)

Recently I did not have much time for tournaments or simply missed them, but today I try my luck in Kobold Mining Expedition tournament. It's a novice league competition, its really hard to play in this rank, because I play in much higher leagues on a daily basis. It paid off 😉 I took (drums)... second place, so my standard, favorite place 😁 In final I lost with @deathcloud, very good player, congratulations to him👏He beat me 3:1.
For the second place I got, and here's a new one, - 800 DEC. It's nice that there are prizes in this token now.
See You all on battlefield 😉

PS. Guilds are live, so be proud members and fight for Your guilds💪


Gratulacje! Nie wiem jak ty te turnieje wygrywasz. Eee ważne ze ze mną baty dostajesz😁 Łap SPORTS!😉

Musiałem questa robić, czekaj jak będę grał o ranking😉

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