Show your latest Splinterlands battle and win some FREE BATTLE TOKENS Part 2 !

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Have You Been Battling ?

Of course you have ...... Splinterlands is awesome. You know what else is awesome ???? BATTLE TOKENS and YOU. I'm going to hand out some BATTLE (via Upvotes) to anyone who post their latest splinterlands (Steemmonsters) battle below, your comment must come from the official BATTLE Token Site (


Rules suck ...... NO Upvote - No Resteem- No Follow required to enter. Post your recent Battle and get an upvote, its as simple as that. Check out one of my most recent battles below.

Put Em Up .. Put Em Up ..


Here my last battle:
Ps: This is my first comment on the battlegames interface 😊

First Comment you say .....

100% upvote coming your way :)

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

Wow thanks 😊
By the way, why are you including all those tags in your comment (#spt #battle etc)? Doesn't the comment inherits the tags from the main post?

If I don't then its not gntd that my comment will show on all the relevant tagged sites. For example if you were to comment from steemit on this topic and not put the #battle tag at the end of that comment then said comment would not show under this topic on the Battle site.

#spt #battle #palnet #steemace

Thanks for explaining it. Now it makes sense. Didn't realize that comments won't show on the other frontends

I am really, really struggling to win an games today. This is the only 1 in the last 11 games. 😢

Competition is getting tough. Thanks for sharing your battle :)

#battle #spt #steemace #palnet

A brutal fight where 2 single units destroy 4 of the ennemy

player name @itharagaian

Thanks for taking the time to share your battle and good luck with getting in the top ten again this season :)

#spt #battle #palnet #leo #steemace #sct

here's my latest battle

Screenshot 20190721 at 17.28.11.png

Perfect..... thanks for sharing.

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

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