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If the release of the tokens of Rada Quest TCG (TARUK) was the news of last week, the news that I would like to highlight this week is the appearance of a new community dedicated to the world of games and the inclusion of Rada Quest in another gaming community.

Battle Games

This community is not new but it was this week when Rada Quest has integrated with it so that its publications occupy a prominent place in its content. It is now possible to access all the content tagged with #radaquest from the side menu of its battlegames.io interface


One of the illustrations that I created this week for a new Rada Quest card has been in gratitude for its amazing reception of the project. Among the objectives set by Rada Quest is to stake a significant amount of BATTLE tokens in @radaquest account to curate followers who also publish with this tag.

You can also find me in the Battle Games Discord


Just a few hours ago they made an airdrop with their new tokens (GG) to draw the attention of users to this new community also dedicated to the world of games. It is so recent that I can not comment on it yet, but I can say that I am staking the tokens to participate as a curator among those followers who support the Rada Quest project and also publish through their own interface steemace.io using the tag #steemace

And you can also find me in the SteemAce Discord

New Rada Quest Cards

This month I have presented these new cards for the game:

Rada Battle Summoner
Vossa Nicked Edge
Ainia Red Queen

Pictures created by @marcosdk. You can get this pictures in HD or UHD becoming a Patron. See info in 3DK Render Discord

Taruk Airdrop

Tomorrow the weekly airdrop will be held with the followers who have been voting the contents of @marcosdk and @radaquest. You will pay as much TARUK as liquid Steem of the payout of posts in the last week.

The objective of the Token is to finance the project and distribute benefits among the investors who have bought TARUK and in proportion to their stake.

To protect the investment value, anyone who sells TARUK below 0.9 will be excluded from the list of airdrops and will not receive more rewards.

Stake Goal (1000 ENG)

Achievement 54 from 1000

You can help fund the project by purchasing TARUK tokens and saving them for future benefit distributions.


You can delegate some SP to support this project

25 SP 50 SP 75 SP 100 SP 200 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 5000 SP


Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render
Humble Bundle



Greetings, @marcosdk

Can you explain me what is this radaquest?? Its a new game of steem blockchain?

thank you and have a good day

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Hi @julisavio! Rada Quest will be a Trading Card Game and Real Time Strategy game over the Steem blockchain. You can see more details here https://www.battlegames.io/gaming/@radaquest/taruk-the-new-token-to-invest-in-the-rada-quest-tcg-project

The pleasure is ours! Looking forward to sharing more of your development updates and incredible illustrations with the gaming community. Folks the best way to support Rada Quest development is by picking up some tokens and staking them, or delegating some SP if you have some to spare, lets help them hit their fundraising goal!

Thank you so much @battlegames and @marcosdk!! Awesome job!

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saludos @marcosdk. Te estoy siguiendo y leyendo.

Apreciado amigo,voy a revisar todos los enlaces que refieres aquí.
En minutos haces avances.
Te felicito.

Si el lanzamiento de los tokens de Rada Quest TCG (TARUK) fue la noticia de la semana pasada, la noticia que me gustaría destacar esta semana es la aparición de una nueva comunidad dedicada al mundo de los juegos y la inclusión de Rada Quest en Otra comunidad de juego. Maravillosa noticia.

Para proteger el valor de la inversión, cualquier persona que venda TARUK por debajo de 0.9 será excluida de la lista de lanzamientos aéreos y no recibirá más recompensas.
No vender nuestros taruk.

Confiamos plenamente en este proyecto y lo apoyamos. @marcosdk

Meta de estaca (1000 ENG)

Logro 54 de 1000

Puede ayudar a financiar el proyecto comprando tokens de TARUK y guardándolos para futuras distribuciones de beneficios.

Una traducción muy literal, pero gracias!

Más emocionada cada día por las buenas nuevas y crecimiento de nuestro RADAQUEST. Gracias por actualizarnos con las nuevas noticias y orientarnos respeto a lo económico, pendientisima de todo lo que acontece en este hermoso reino mágico mientras esperamos su lanzamiento. Los apoyo incondicionalmente y los abrazo de vuelta! @marcosdk @radaquest . Gracias por tu dedicación y este fabuloso trabajo que estas realizando!.. PD; atesorando y cuidando mis TARUKS...

Si! Cuidalos 😉

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