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To celebrate the launch I am hosting a BATTLE upvote party! All you need to do is reply with a comment saying what steem based games you play and what games you are interested in and for the next few days you will get a BATTLE upvote.

After all is a gaming community or 'tribe' as it's being coined.

You can read the official launch announcement post here

Let's see how far BATTLE can go


I was playing Darklands until it shut down.
I dabble in Steemmonsters and I run my own daily Zombie Adventure game.

I think these tokens are doing what SMT and COMMUNITIES were supposed to do for Steem; just it is being done from outside of STINC and much faster! THANKS GUYS!!!

Yes I have seen your zombie game on battlegames already

I am playing,

Steemmonsters, Nextcolony and Nicehash

Steemmonsters, next colony and drugwars

I play Steemmonsters and Drugwars.
Steemmonsters is my favorite.

Nice to know its not just splinterlands that everyone plays

I play SteemMonsters, drugwars and i am looking for Road of Reach

thank you

I have dabbled in steemnova, drugwars and next colony but ultimately I'm a steemmonsters player

Upvote party .... those are the best kind of parties :)

I mainly play Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands. I also dabble in poker a little bit. .... but for the most part SM takes up most my gaming time.

#battle #spt #palnet

I have to admit I am mainly a steemmonsters player as well, I have heard of steem poker before, I will definitely have to look into it abit more.

#battle #spt #palnet is the url.
I think they combined with another poker site. They have a discord channel as well.

#spt #battle #palnet

Lovely! I play all of them! Drugwars, Splinterlands, NextColony!

I could never get into NextColony, very slow start I felt, I just wanted to explore space but there is too much to build before

#spt #battle #palnet

I play Steemmonsters/Drugwars/NextColony (all the steemit games that I know of)

And thank you, I already got an upvote from you on my post :)

Yep given them all a go. Steem nova is another game, not as decentralised as others but it involves the steem community, its the original next colony @steemnova

Hmmm, haven't heard of it, I will check out what it is :)

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