Have you heard, @archdruid? The list of every new and popular game on Steam is back + 1 SBI giveaway

in #battle2 years ago (edited)

Many months ago, I was trying to keep up and post a compilation with every relevant Steam game recently released (that means 20+ titles everyday on average), skimming through every page, latest user reviews, developer presentation and even it's community discussions.

This allowed me to list everything you, as a traditional gamer, would like to know about the gaming world. All you had to do was go through a video with those games' existing trailers, their names and links to them in the video description.

That was until @archdruid's admin @enjar attacked me, calling me a plagiarizer (someone who claims they own the rights to something they don't own, which I never did) and banned me from their Discord. Exactly the same shit @qurator's moderators @brumest and @ewkaw put me through. But I disgress.

Now you get to enjoy pretty much the very same thing I was doing, except with a better presentation by Valve itself on AUTOMATIC SHOW, which automatically generates... Guess what... A compilation with every relevant Steam game recently released!

Are you going to accuse Valve of plagiarism too, @enjar? No, right? Shithead... inb4 someone says Valve owns the rights of every fucking game, no they don't

Comment whatever you want to run for a sbi share.


Wow! It's very useful thing for Valve to do. I still disagree with @archdruid decision about you but well, what to do about that.

Agreed and agreed.

Some people just think they are in charge of decentralised platforms, what can you do

In this day in age there is a ton of into online and sometimes it takes effort to present the info so public can easily find and read them. Don't see anything wrong with that. Especially if poster has specified original creator.


Especially if poster has specified original creator.

Links to every official store page were available.

Haha wow just saw spiderman virtual reality on the list I can see people are going to go mad for that especially since the last game was so popular also it's a interesting idea from Valve I feel the whole plagiarism thing can go abit far these days, there is so much content out there with many people who think alike of course there will be alot of what looks like copied content.

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