Quest reward

in #battlelast year

Good day ladies and gentlemen..

Today's quest was fire deck and it took me less than 30 minutes to finish it and i was surprised with the reward cards, i was given another legendary! it seems my luck is shining nowadays..

i have been buying cards lately as i want my deck to be champion league worthy, so i started with my summoners, i planned taking all to level 7 and after that i would devote my time into levelling up my other legendary cards to maximum...

As at the time i bought this card, it was 42 dollars in the market but immediately i bought it, it rise to 58 dollars.. i have no more problem with my fire summoner and the next on my mind is the death summoner which is already in level 6 and 15 bcx needed more to take it to level 7..

My steem monster adventure is really a lively one, no dulling moment lol... Stay tuned guys as more update will becoming from me soon....


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