Season reward

in #battlelast year

i have been busy for a while so i couldn't make my daily post which also affect my season reward post. the past season was a great season i would say, so many great things happened in my steem monsters journey, more achievement, power, glory and money..wink

some of the things i achieved was purchased lotta alpha packs, my fire deck is 90% alpha, death is 70% alpha and earth deck is 50% alpha, i also upgraded my monsters to diamond level tho still lot of work need to be done on that part, slow and steady win the race so i will do em slowly till i can achieve what i desire//

i got two gold cards from season reward, rare gold and common gold and also one legendary, the rewards were better than the last season reward cards and i hope the new season reward will be much more better than this one we just scale through...

see ya after my next quest


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