Quest reward

in #battlelast year

Woot! woot! The season is going to end in 1 day 5 hours time and here am i hopefully waiting for something mouth watering but God surprised me as i got both gold and a legendary in my daily quest, i feel like dancing lol..

I was given the death quest and i spent less than an hour to finish the quest and by the time i check on my cards before opening them i realised there is a legendary and epic but i wasn't really expecting the epic to turn to gold, this is the second time i will be getting an epic gold from steem monster... so awesome!

i have achieved my aim for the season which is diamond II but i am being tempted to aim for diamond I as i am already in 3284 points which rarely happen, so i am in between go for D1 or just keep a lowkey in D2..

I was able to level up my black dragon to level 3 with the one i got from quest reward, i am aiming to max it now.

See ya after my next quest..


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