Apply For Verified Creator Badge Today!

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To apply simply visit our Discord and head to the #creator-verification channel and drop a link to your profile!

A total of 5 content creators will be selected to receive a shiny new Verified Creator badge!

This badge is for select content creators that demonstrate a commitment to creating original quality content, the backbone and lifeblood of our platform!

✨The Perks of being a Verified Creator.

  • Exclusive access to our Post Promotion Plus discord channel
  • Verified Creator badge on
  • Creator role in our Discord.
  • Frequent content curation from main @battlegames account [BATTLE/SPT/NEOXAG/STEEM]
  • Curation from additional community members and BATTLE whales.

✨To apply for Verified Creator submit a link to your blog in the following Discord channel --> Discord

This badge/role is open for anyone to apply for, however only those meeting the below criteria will be considered.

Verified Creator Criteria:

  • Original & Quality blog content.
  • Variety of content.
  • History of posting consistently .
  • 50+ Rep [Some exceptions for alt accounts].
  • No history of Plagiarism.
  • Additional verification steps for Video Creators.
  • Be in general Good Standing within community.

Good luck to all those that apply!

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ohhh .. nice ! i just need to post more rugularly using this account

You post has been manually curated by BDvoter Team! To know more about us please visit our website or join our Discord.

BDvoter Team

Thank you!

@battlegames, This is awesome step team and hope that this will prove as boosting aspect for content creators. Stay blessed team.

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Thanks for the support @chireerocks! Our focus is on supporting content creators, it's key to the success of our platform!

Welcome and keep doing the good work brother and good wishes from my side.

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