Archmage Arius: 1 more chance to find one in your mystery potion | Rental cards | Season rewards

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Only 1 more Archmage Arius left!

Let's start with the Archmage Arius, as most of you know we could find this Maxed (!!) legendary summoner inside the rewards of a mystery potion, that is if we were lucky enough! Only 90 of them would be printed, and as of today, I believe there will be 89 printed. Meaning, there's one last chance to find one tomorrow. I feel bummed that I never found one.. As many others probably feel the same.. lol.. I once opened the first Gold Foil Legendary from the Winds of Change collection, would be cool to now open the very last Archmage Arius that will ever be printed.. :)

I took some time to go through my rental cards

I know prices can fluctuate a lot, and sometimes rental prices get driven up or down because of maybe one or two people offering a card for a certain day price, but it's still smart to check the prices every now and then. Today I noticed that some of my escrows seemed to be too high compared to rental prices, I know how this happened as well. In the beginning when setting a rental price, I was just trying out what worked. My prices were based on other escrow prices I saw in the list of cards, or because higher when a card was rare on the (rental) market. Some cards are almost constantly rented out, others don't get rented or only get rented some times.

I also noticed that most of my rented out cards usually are promo or reward cards.. Although there's some more beta's rented out as well since beta packs ran out. Today I levelled up my Wood Nymph that has been sitting on the rental market at level 7 (without success lol) to level 8. Hopefully she'll be more interesting to rent now.

Let's talk season rewards!!!

This season opening was quite nice to be honest. For the first time in some season I found something epic and/or gold in almost every account, and a total of 3 legendaries. Two of them were in a herons account, but still nice to open 3 in total.


The cards above were the rewards on my main account, which looked pretty nice if you ask me.


The rewards above were from a forgotten account, which I started playing the night before season ended. Only starter set available, and the first card I pulled was a Beetle queen, when I also completed the second quest waiting for me, I opened a golden divine sorceress.. And as you can see above, the season rewards were pretty sweet for only 5 cards.


Two accounts had some hiccups when I claimed the rewards, a refresh also didn't work, which kind of takes away the fun of season rewards if you ask me. Thankfully, I could see in the peakmonsters explorer that there was a fallen specter in these rewards.. Which made up for the fact that I couldn't flip the cards myself.

I've been able to level up my Fallen Specter to level 2 thanks to season rewards. Let's see how I like playing it at level 2 with the Demoralize ability added.

More playing higher accounts and less on the lower accounts

This season I plan on ending higher up in the ranks with a few accounts, but I also told myself not to stress too much if a lower account is stuck for one or more days. Having only the basic cards in there can make it difficult, sometimes I don't play them for a week, which is fine as they are mainly played for the season rewards.

See you in the battlefield!!!



Nothing to see, he said.. well thanks for nothing in that case ;)

Great Splinterlands post! This will be receiving a Steem Monster upvote!
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thanks @clove71 :) and what a cool gif !

This feels like Willy Wonka and everyone trying to find the golden ticket!

Great article, @anouk.nox!! I just started playing! I am enjoying it. Hmmm....! I can’t n actually rent cards?

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Thanks :) Sorry for my late reply, busy.. You can rent cards at peakmonsters, if you select a card you will see option buy and rent as well.. Just make sure you have enough peak credits for the rental period, otherwise it doesn't let you rent it ;)

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